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How does this work?

Nurses For Nurses is a non profiting marketplace that gives back to those who need it the most.

  • N4N has worked tirelessly to create a system that can consistently procure emergency use authorized personal protective equipment (PPE) at a reasonable price.   
  • With like minded individuals and strategic partnerships N4N is able to import, distribute, and sell to corporations, non profits, community members and frontliners alike. 
  • Entities that purchase from the extremely competitive priced N4N supply chain must pay a membership to access the store or sponsor N4N via facilitator fee. This fee directly supplies money and/or product to the N4N storefront.
  • These donations help us to stock, sale, and donate personal protective equipment to those whom need access to small quantity personal protection equipment.  
  • A portion of funds made from the product on the N4N storefront will be donated to Wellmarkt platform to provide first responders and healthcare heroes essential mental health and wellness services that they need and deserve during this pandemic.
  • The N4N supply chain protects our frontline from having to purchase unauthorized, price gouged, poor quality products and continues to give back once the pandemic is over.
  • N4N gives back to those who give...with all of their heart...OUR FRONTLINE FIRST.



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